Short Term Rentals

Logan City has adopted an ordinance that permits the operation of short-term rentals (STR). An STR is a temporary lodging or accommodations typically found in a residential dwelling for a fee for a rental period of less than 30 continuous days. Any property owner intending to operate an STR in Logan must obtain a Conditional Use Permit and a STR Business License.

For more information about Logan’s STR regulations, please review the factsheet below
Short Term Rental Factsheet

Application Process
Conditional Use Permit 

All proposed STRs in residential zones require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). A business license application will not be accepted prior to a CUP being issued.  A CUP is reviewed by the Logan City Planning Commission where they will review the proposal for compliance with zoning requirements, evaluate proximity restrictions, and consider site-specific requirements such as parking. The CUP process takes approximately 6 weeks. Contact the Planning Division to apply for a CUP.

CUP Checklist
  • Complete CUP application.
  • Site Plan that depicts property lines, structures, entrances, and location of all off-street parking.
  • A floorplan of the entire home that shows all bedrooms, or portions of the home intended to be used as part of the proposed STR.
  • A written management plan demonstrating how the property will be managed as an STR with minimal impacts to neighboring residences including how complaints will be addressed, and how occupancy will be managed.

Planning Division Staff - Contact with questions about the CUP process:
Russ Holley: 435.716.9023,
Tanya Rice: 435.716.9036,
CUP Application

Business License 
A business license is required for each property operating as a STR. The licensing review process will evaluate whether the STR meets minimum building requirements (a separate building permit is required for any remodel or necessary improvements), that conditions of the CUP have been met, and that local contact information is provided. The business licensing process typically takes between 2 – 3 weeks, but is dependent upon the applicant resolving any outstanding issues, such as building remodel or meeting CUP requirements.

Business License Renewals
STR business licenses expire June 30 of each year. Failure to renew within the specified time frame shown on the license may result in forfeiture of the STR business license and the CUP. STR licenses are non-transferable. Evidence of remittance of transient room tax is required to be provided to Logan City with license renewals.

Business Licensing – Contact with questions about the STR Business License process:
Michelle Anderson: 435.716.9230
Daniela Tucker : 435.716.9008
STR License Application 
Utah State Tax Commission - Taxpayer Access Point

Building Requirements:
In many cases, a building permit will be required to utilize your residential unit as a STR. The areas of concern that the City will be looking for when using your residential unit as a STR is ensuring that the STR is safe for all guests staying there. The City will be looking to make sure there are proper egress windows for each of the sleeping areas, accessible fire extinguishers, safe and unobstructed access into the sleeping areas & the unit, smoke & CO2 detectors, handrails, and other building code requirements.

Building Division – Contact with questions about building code requirements and inspections for a STR:
Cristina Brough, Permit Tech: 435.716.9030,
Ben Anderson, Building Official: 435.716.9032,