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Dumpster Enclosure  Plans


Please note that Dumpster Enclosures are not required by the Logan City Environmental Department. However, if you choose to build an enclosure or are required to build one, please use the following standards to design the enclosure:

Each enclosure shall provide a minimum ten-foot interior depth (minimum eleven-foot interior depth, if bollards or a curb are placed behind the dumpster) and a six-foot height. For single enclosures, with or without gates, the minimum interior opening shall be twelve-feet. For double enclosures, without gates, the minimum interior opening shall be twenty-two feet, and for double enclosures, with gates, the minimum interior opening shall be twenty-four feet.

If you have any questions, then please contact the Environmental Department Engineer at (435) 716-9756.

Drawings are provided in both autocad and .pdf formats"

PDF:  Dumpster Enclosure drawing 

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Dumpster Enclosure drawing (single bin) 
Dumpster Enclosure drawing (double bin)