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Glass Recycling


Glass is NOT accepted in the curbside recycling program!

Logan city has placed four glass recycling drops sites in Logan.  We ask that the public please respect the property that these bins are located on and carefully clean up the area if glass should spill outside of the recycling container. 

The glass drop sites will accept brown, green, blue, and clear glass bottles and jars only. All colors of glass bottles and jars can be placed into the same container, no sorting is necessary. 

Please DO NOT place ceramics, garbage, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, six pack holders, plate glass, laminated glass, mirrors, oven safe glass (Pyrex), light bulbs, porcelain, or windows into the glass recycling containers. These items will contaminate our loads as they are not recyclable at the Momentum Recycling facility.

The glass recycling drop sites can be found in the following locations in Logan

Logan Justice Court
446 N 100 W

Fraternal Order of Eagles
900 N 200 W

Logan Transfer Station
153 N 1400 W

Near My Mattress
980 S Main Street (Off Hwy 165)