Logan Landfill


solid_waste_signThe Logan Landfill was established in 1960 and has been serving Cache County residents since 1973. The estimated closure date for the landfill is 2022. Look at our Integrated Municipal Waste Management Campus Plan to see what will happen to the landfill post-closure. Our landfill is approximately 65 feet tall and 85 acres large. We process nearly 250 tons of material each working day.

You can view our facility hours by clicking here.

We are closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Pioneer Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. The landfill closes early (at 2:00 pm) on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Please see our holiday schedule for more information.

All loads entering and exiting the landfill must be covered. A fee will be charged for uncovered loads.

We offer the following services to Cache County residents:
Waste Disposal (rates and fees below) 

Groundwater Reports
The City is required to monitor groundwater at the landfill in both the spring and the fall to ensure that the landfill is not contaminating the groundwater. Wells have been drilled both upgradient and downgradient of the landfill and have been monitored since 1993. For additional information regarding groundwater monitoring standards, procedures and results, please contact Alexandra Rasband at (435) 716-9756.

Logan Landfill 
Fall 2012
Spring 2013 

See what will happen to our landfill when it closes by looking at our Integrated Municipal Waste Management Campus Plan developed in February 2010.

Prices are the same for all residents of Cache County

Landfill Fees as of July 1, 2006

Uncovered load fee* $10.00
Minimum Fee $10.00
General refuse $29.00 per ton
Construction & Demolition Debris $21.00 per ton
Pallets $9.00 per ton
Asbestos & asbestos contaminated materials $500.00 per ton
Dead Animals FREE
Medical & Infectious Waste $17.00 per yard
Anything requiring a special handling fee, such as sludge, contaminated soils, etc. $17.50 per ton + tonnage
Pressurized bottles such as fire extinguishers, propane bottles, etc. $10.00 per unit
Refrigerators & A/C units (untagged) $30.00 per unit
Car tire (15 inches or less) $2.00 per tire
Truck tire (15 inches to 20 inches) $5.00 per tire
Truck tire (20 inches to 25 inches) $10.00 per tire
Tractor tire (any tire over 25 inches) $100.00 per tire
Tire Rim $5.00 per rim
Household Hazardous Waste FREE
Commercial Hazardous Waste Not Accepted
Recycling Center FREE
Disposal of clean Green Waste materials FREE
6'X8' Tarp $4.00 each
Sanitary booties   $1.00 per pair
Purchases from Landfill Mall $5.00 per lot


*All materials entering or leaving the Logan Landfill must be covered or customers may be subject to pay an uncovered load fee.