Safety Eduction


Logan City Light & Power recognizes how important safety is for our employees and for the citizens of Cache Valley. The wise use of electricity provides us so many convieniences. At the same time, we must all remember that electicity can be dangerous if we use it unsafely.

We offer the community a program where students and children can be educated about electrical safety. Electrical safety classes are taught to many groups such as school classrooms, church groups, summer programs, scout troops, and various ages at local health fairs.

Here is an example of some of our educational resources. Contact the department for information about demonstrations and classes.

Hazard Hamlet 
Pop-up display explaining different electrical hazards. The display zaps as safety rules are ignored

Safety Cartoon Videos 
Videos and activity books explaining basic electrical principles and home safety. A question and answer period follows.

Pedal for Power 
A bike that show how much work it takes just to light up a simple light bulb. The faster you pedal the bike the more lights light up and the brighter they are.