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Electricity demand is about 25% higher during the summer months in Logan. To cover higher than normal demand, Logan City, on occasion, must purchase extra power from expensive outside sources with twice the price tag of our base supply of electricity. Shifting usage from peak times to off-peak times (before 10 am & after 8 pm) is just one way to help us decrease these added electricity costs. Scroll down to see more information about energy conservation and efficiency. This keeps rates low for all of our customers!

The EPA puts out an excellent publication on how to save energy at home. Click on the following links to find ways to save energy at home: 
Energy Saver Guide
Ahorro de Energía brinda: Consejos para ahorrar energía y dinero en el hogar 

Links for Kids:
Energy Hog 
Energy Information Administration For Kids

Natural Gas Incentives:
Thermwise Program (Dominion Energy) 

More Info About Energy Conservation:
Utah State Energy Program 
Department of Energy 
EERE: Energy Savers 
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