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About Logan City Light & Power
Incorporated in 1904, Logan City Light & Power is your locally-owned public utility, one of many city-run power systems in the state. We are dedicated to maintaining the electric utility system and providing safe, reliable service to you 24 hours per day.

In order to supply safe and dependable power to you, we are continually upgrading, repairing, and maintaining our power lines and other equipment. This dangerous work requires extensive training. Each crew member completes a rigorous program that includes four years of apprenticeship with on-the-job and written training to become certified to work on high voltage power system equipment and lines. To protect the public and our employees, crews follow strict industry safety rules when working on energized high voltage lines and equipment.

Our five divisions are Distribution (three line crews and a line service crew), Engineering, Metering, the System Operations Control Center (SOCC), and Administration. These divisions include 31 Light & Power employees who work together to provide top-notch service and value to our customers.

Some Q & A (11/30/2022)
1. How much of Logan City's electricity is generated by Logan City?  Also, is 3rd Dam Hydro generating electricity yet?
Logan City can generate up to about 15% of our needs if there is enough water in the river.  12-13 MW are generated by our NG Generators located at our control center.  We have nameplate generating capacity of 7MW of Hydro.  This is subject to what water is coming down the river.  We seldom have that kind of flow (only in a wet spring).  So usually 1 or 2 MW are being generated.  3rd Dam is not generating.  But this is only 1.5 MW nameplate capacity.  With run of the river it was usually only 400-800kW.  So it is the smallest.  Repairs still need to be made to the generating equipment.

2. What % of Logan City's electricity comes from our contracts with CRSP? IPA? UAMPS?
Download the document below labeled "2017 Resource Capacity and Summary".  Our portfolio looks largely like this now.  

3. What % of Logan City's electricity comes from purchase of electricity on the open market?
This depends.  Right now about half.  This is higher than normal because of our lack of hydro energy available due to droughts on the Colorado River Storage Project (one is Lake Powell).  We are getting much less than half from this resource because of drought.  Coal delivery needs are not being met due to Union Pacific's inability/unwillingness to deliver contracted coal.  The Lila Canyon fire further complicates coal delivery.  This pushes us further in to the open market.  Phenomenal load growth in Logan City also pushes us into the Market.  Lack of base load power on the grid also exacerbates our need to purchase from the market. 

4. What is being done to mitigate the chance of a surcharge in the future, such as building new electricity generating facilities in Logan?
We are currently working on adding 10MW of NG generation (in addition to our existing 12 MW) to Logan City.  We have other projects, including 20MW of Solar and Battery Storage, 8 MW of Geothermal, 20MW future new NG generation.  But all of these are 1 - 7 years out.  Until these complete construction and are in commercial operation we will have to buy this power from the market. 

2017 Resource Capacity and Summary


Public Information Meeting for 3rd Dam Improvement Project - August 2, 2018