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Did You Know? 

Parks and Recreation has Something for Everyone!

  • 6 Community Parks - designed to serve multiple neighborhoods

  • 13 Neighborhood Parks - designed to serve an area that may encompass several residential blocks

  • 3 Pocket Parks - City owned and/or maintained land, containing walkways, designed to enhance surrounding area

  • 5 Mini Parks - pieces of land the City owns and maintains to enhance the look of the surrounding area

  • 9 Special Use Parks/Facilities - contains activity-specific amenities

  • 5 Natural Resource Areas - contains natural resources, i.e. wetlands, streams, etc.

  • 4 Greenways - designed for roadside beautification and possibly link parks to other parks and trails

  • 1 Golf Course - 18 hole, municipal golf course, includes a five acre driving range

  • 1 Community Recreation Center - indoor track, racquetball courts, two weight rooms, three gyms, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and a variety of aerobics classes

  • 1 Outdoor Pool - 50 meter lap pool, diving pool with a low and high dive, leisure pool for the kids, and two water slides

  • 1 Cemetery - owned and operated by the City of Logan Parks and Recreation Department

Parks and Recreation Department Total Acreage: 618.40 Acres