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Department Plans8 documents

  • Logan River Blue Trail Master Plan
    document _recordid 7898
    A Blue Trail is a river adopted by communities that are dedicated to improving family friendly recreation such as fishing, boating, hiking, and wildlife watching, and conserving the river and surrounding lands. This document envisions a renewed celebration of the Logan River as a community resource both as a natural amenity and as a recreational asset. By improving access to key sites the City of Logan and partners can offer a valuable recreational resource and increase the utility and beauty of the Logan River.
  • Logan Parks and Recreation Department Risk Management Plan and Procedures
    document _recordid 6840
  • Logan Parks and Recreation Department Parks, Trails, and Recreation Facilities ADA Complaint Form
    document _recordid 6838
  • Logan City Parks and Recreation Department Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Facility-Site Access Audit and Transition Plan (3-21-19)
    document _recordid 6837
  • Public Information, Community Relations, and Marketing Plan
    document _recordid 2991
    The City of Logan Parks and Recreation Department is committed to providing accurate, timely, and balanced information through a variety of community forums to develop and maintain a close and supportive relationship with its constituents and ensure that its programs, services and initiatives are reflective of the needs of the citizens of Logan.
  • Logan River Golf Course Master Plan
    document _recordid 2990
    The purpose of the Logan River Golf Course Master Plan is to guide the future development, improvements, and decisions for the course over the next 5-10 years. The Master Plan is a translation of staff, player, and community vision into a tangible, realistic planning tool. It incorporates the goals and objectives of the staff, players, and community and identifies strategies for its implementation with regard to all aspects of the course including facilities, equipment, infrastructure, environment, personnel, revenue, expenditures, and so forth. In essence, the Master Plan becomes the yardstick for golf course development.
  • Strategic Plan (2019)
    document _recordid 2989
    Strategic planning is to know where you want to go and how to get there from here. Every day, the Parks and Recreation Department makes decisions that affect where its citizens want the department to go. Although strategic planning provides direction, it must be flexible enough to adjust for changes along the way. The 2014 Strategic Plan is a managerial tool that helps the Parks and Recreation Department target and achieve these goals, and then to report its results.
  • Comprehensive Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Open Space Plan
    document _recordid 2986
    The 2015 Comprehensive Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Open Space Plan is the primary planning document for the Logan Parks and Recreation Department. The planning horizon for this document is six to eight years. It is anticipated that the Department will again update this plan for the years ahead. Like the plans from 1998 and 2006, the 2015 Comprehensive Plan is prepared with a significant amount of public input over the course of several years in addition to Department recommendations that reflect the City's mission and the Department's vision, core values, goals, and objectives for the proposals put forth for the next five to ten years, with a plan update before the tenth year. It is the desired outcome of the Logan Parks and Recreation Department that the 2015 Comprehensive Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Open Space Plan be an informative, yet effective planning tool for City leaders, staff, and the citizens of Logan.