Dog Friendly Parks


On April 21, 2020, Logan City Council members unanimously supported making the Dog Friendly Parks Pilot Program sites permanent—Dog Friendly Off-Leash Parks include Jens Johansen Park, 850 East 100 North; Jones Neighborhood Park, 400 West 625 North; Kilowatt Park, 331 South 300 West;  Pioneer Parkway, 165 East Poplar Avenue; Ray Hugie Hydro Park, Northside of US 89 at Canyon Road; Logan Service Center East Lawn Area, 810 West 600 North.

Rules for Approved Off-Leash Dog Friendly Parks

  • Dogs must be under voice control at all times when off-leash
  • Dogs shall not be left unattended or be a nuisance
  • Dogs shall not harass other park users or surrounding private property owners
  • Dogs must have a current license and rabies vaccination
  • Dog waste must be properly bagged and disposed in City provided trash cans
On January 22, 2019, the City of Logan held a public meeting to gather input regarding a City proposal to conduct a 12-month pilot program that allows dogs off-leash at selected park locations. The purpose of the pilot program is to evaluate whether these sites should be designated off-leash after the pilot program.

Currently, dogs are prohibited in City parks and must be on-leash when using a City trail, unless posted otherwise. Dogs are permitted off-leash within the gated dog run area at Rendezvous Park, Deer Pen Property from 1500 North to Lundstrom Park between the canal and Aspen Drive, and behind the flood control impoundment at the end of Mountain Road at Dry Canyon.

On February 19, 2019 the Logan City Council passed a one-year pilot program to allow dogs in selected City parks.

Pilot Program Description
The City will conduct a 12-month pilot program at seven locations as off-leash dog sites. These sites include:

  • Jens Johansen Park, 850 East 100 North
  • Jones Neighborhood Park, 400 West 625 North
  • Kilowatt Park, 331 South 300 West
  • Logan Meadows Park, 350 South 600 West
  • Pioneer Parkway, 165 East Poplar Avenue
  • Ray Hugie Hydro Park, North Side of US 89 at Canyon Road
  • Logan Service Center East Lawn Area, 810 West 600 North

The pilot program sites include four parks that have playgrounds, one pavilion, and all sites are either in proximity or connected to a City trail.

The pilot program also involves three monitoring periods (spring, summer, and fall) to assist City staff in determining the success of the program and whether the program should become permanent. The monitoring periods will also include public input during the pilot program.

The monitoring and public input will be measured against the following anticipated outcomes:

  • Reduction of dog waste from parks and trails
  • Dog waste properly bagged and disposed in provided City trash cans
  • Dogs have a current license
  • Dogs shall not harass others
  • Dogs shall not be unattended
  • Dogs must be under voice control
  • Dogs shall not be a nuisance

Logan Parks and Recreation Department Responsibilities

  • Launch a public awareness campaign
  • Order and install quick-response or QR codes on Pilot Program site signs
  • Order and install bag dispensers and place trash cans
  • Organize, promote, conduct staff and volunteer clean-up efforts
  • Produce public information business cards with a QR code
  • Design QR code so reader can receive City’s web page containing the Pilot Program info
  • Remove and dispose dog droppings from City trails and parks (March 18 – 23)
  • Provide flyers and t-shirts for volunteers during clean-up effort
  • Post signs at Pilot Program sites and during clean-up
  • Raise awareness and encourage responsible park patronage
  • Conduct monitoring periods during pilot program

The pilot program sites will be operational by April 15, 2019. This will allow time for the equipment needed to be delivered and installed by the City.

The Pilot Program will conclude on April 15, 2020. A final report of the Pilot Program will be issued to the City Council on April 21,  2020. The pilot program was approved. The above parks listed are permanent Dog Friendly Parks.

Parks Matrix showing where dogs are allowed and where they are not allowed within the Logan City Parks system.