Frequently Asked Questions

  • The 911 Communications Center receives over 167,000 calls a year, for all police, fire and EMS services in Cache County.
  • The Patrol Division responds to over 21,000 incidents in the City of Logan annually.
  • The Logan City Police Department trains crossing guards and patrols 15 school crosswalks in the City of Logan.
  • The Logan City Police Department employs 59 full-time police officers, 3 full-time animal control officers, 3 part-time officers and 22 Communication Center employees.
Our Body Camera Policy can be viewed here: Use of Portable Audio/Video Recorders
Our Use of Force Policy can be viewed here:  Use of Force

How many police cars might respond to a particular address?

Do officers take their police cars home?

What are the benefits of leaving a police car running with no one inside?

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When will a detective be assigned to investigate a case?

What happens to the physical evidence collected at a crime scene?

If something is stolen from me and the police recover it, how long until I can get it back?

Why do we need to license our pets?

When is it appropriate to call 911?

Why am I asked for my personal information when I call 911?

What will be the response time when I call for an officer?

Where do I go to pay a fine?

Where can I go to get fingerprinted?

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