Crimes Against Persons

Within the Investigations Division, there are 2 full-time investigators dedicated to "Crimes Against Persons" and a third who works as a Utility Detective working cases regarding both Crimes Against Persons as well as Property Crimes.  These investigators work cases such as serious or aggravated assault, robber, sexual assault, Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), child abuse, and homicide.  Crimes Against Persons detectives are specifically trained to have the ability to respond to crime scenes, interview victims and suspects as well as collect evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, and photographs in order to build and solve cases.

Success in solving these cases is directly related to cooperation provided by the victim, others who may be involved, and the community.

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Robbery is a "crime against the person" and a frightening experience. It can result in injury or even death to the victim. It is important to remember in protecting your business from robbery, to take preventive measures and make it obvious that those measures have been taken.

If you take these steps, you can reduce the likelihood of being robbed:

  • Keep your front doors and windows clear of signs and posters to allow good, two-way visibility
  • Keep the outside of your business well lit at night
  • Make sure that your cash register is clearly visible to outside observers
  • Practice good cash control. Keep only a minimal amount of cash in your cash drawer.
  • Advertise outside, that you only keep a minimal amount of cash inside of the store and that you will not accept large bills. Never count money in public view.
  • Do not keep large bills under a cash drawer. Put them in a safe or secure place until they are deposited
  • Use a safe that the clerk cannot open alone, and post this fact conspicuously, including on the safe itself
  • Use video camera surveillance and make it well known
  • Always open and close with two or more employees
  • Avoid employees working alone
  • Vary your banking routine. Carry cash in a variety of ways: A lunch sack, briefcase, pocket, etc.
  • Vary the times and routes that you use to go to the bank
  • Be alert for "customers" who seem to be loitering or glancing around the store while appearing to be shopping
  • Watch for suspicious persons outside the business, especially in parked cars and around telephone booths
  • Lock unused doors
  • Advertise your security alarm system with signs in visible locations
  • Advise victim to notify police with all information
  • Be alert to and report ALL suspicious activities

Robbery Tips
What to do if you are robbed

  • Do exactly what you are told. DO NOT RESIST!
  • Try to remain calm. Do not make any sudden movements to upset the robber
  • Activate your alarm ONLY if you can do so secretly
  • Make mental notes of robbers description: race, gender, height, weight, eye and hair color, facial hair, tattoos, clothing, speech, complexion, etc.
  • Make mental note of weapon used, if any
  • Watch where robber touches, and what they take. Is he/she wearing gloves, footwear
  • Where a suspect enters and leaves a business - make a mental note of suspect(s) actions, i.e., items he/she may have touched.
  • Type of transportation and direction of travel, if it can be observed safely

What to do after the robbery

  • Call the police immediately, even if you have activated the alarm
  • Close the business and lock the doors
  • DO NOT discuss details of the robbery with witnesses or fellow employees
  • Ask witnesses to stay until police arrive. If they cannot, get their names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Do not touch anything that the robber may have touched, keep patrons away from the general area
  • Have each witness write down everything they can recall about the robber, i.e., description, mannerisms, speech, weapon if used, etc.
  • Do not discuss the amount of money taken with anyone except the police
  • Step outside when the police arrive so they will know that the robber is gone and you are safe