House Parties


To host a party or gathering at a residence or other location in Logan is a legal activity. As a Police Department, we support activities that are safe, fun and well-managed. Most parties that police respond to have been reported as a result of noise issues, fights, drug use, minors consuming alcohol or other offenses. Alcohol is an underlying factor in many of the crimes committed on weekend nights. The most serious crimes such as homicide or sexual assault have and can occur as a result of a party that is not well-managed. No responsible host would want to have such an incident occur on their property.

Many times, problems with crime, neighbors and the police can be avoided if the host takes some precautions and respects their surrounding neighborhood. Below, are some tips on maintaining a safe, pleasurable and fun party:

After 10:00 p.m.

  • Keep your guests inside. Loud talking and laughing are the most common reasons why police are called.
  • As the Host, do not get intoxicated.
  • Keep your music at a minimum level. If the music can be heard from outside the residence, you are in violation of the City noise ordinance.
  • Do not allow “binge drinking”. It is very dangerous and can result in serious medical problems or even death.
  • If you are 21 or older and you allow minors to consume alcohol at your party, you may be charged with ‘Supplying Alcohol to a Minor’, if intentional or ‘Recklessly Supplying Alcohol to a Minor’, if you do not prevent them from consuming on the premises simply because no one is monitoring them.
  • Keeping your guest list to known persons and friends makes for a safer gathering.
  • Ensure everyone leaving after consuming alcohol has a Designated Driver or cab ride home.
  • DO NOT allow illicit drug use at your party.
  • Designate someone to check identification at the door to ensure those entering are of age to drink and only invited guests are entering.

Bail Schedule

 Supplying Alcohol to a Minor $782
 Minor In Possession of Alcohol $492
 Disorderly House / Renter $100
 Public Intoxication $182
 False Personal Information to an officer $402
 Interfering with police “fleeing” $587
 Possession of Keg $402
 DUI $1327