The backbone of any police organization is its Patrol Division. The department responds to over 20,000 calls for service each year with the vast majority of those calls handled by officers in Patrol.DSC_7062edit

Thirty-four sworn officers, three animal control officers, one secretary, and additional part-time officers police the community and provide services to citizens. Patrol officers are assigned to eight-hour shifts that rotate between day, swing, and graveyard shifts every two months. Officers cover the City of Logan 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. We believe in the team concept and encourage our officers to work together for safety reasons and to ensure the service provided to the community is of the highest quality. The Patrol Division commander can be contacted at (435) 716-9451.

Officers are equipped with marked patrol cars complete with computers, printers, and other equipment needed to perform their duties. They spend the majority of their shift working from their vehicle while out in the community so they are accessible and available to the public.
DSC_5406Traffic enforcement is one of the many responsibilities of the Patrol Division. Officers enforce traffic laws, investigate accidents and provide educational information to the public. Motorcycles, patrol cars, and radar trailers are the tools used in traffic enforcement activities. If you would like to request the radar trailer in your neighborhood, please contact the patrol Lieutenant at (435) 716-9451.

The Animal Control Unit is responsible for enforcing the City ordinances pertaining to stray animals, vicious animals, licensing violations, and nuisance animals. They handle over 3000 incidents per year involving animals.

Two Lieutenants are responsible for the Patrol Division Operations and can be contacted at (435) 716-9451.