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Parking Enf Heading

Use the following link to pay or appeal a parking citation: Pay or Appeal Here

The Logan City Police Department is responsible for parking enforcement responsibilities for the City of Logan. Our goal is to better serve the citizens and parking needs of our community, particularly in the traffic-heavy downtown areas as well as the public roads in and around the Utah State University campus. We strive for a more responsive, consistent, and fair delivery of parking enforcement services. To accommodate this undertaking, the police department works closely with various public and private organizations to include the Downtown Business Alliance and Utah State University in addressing parking concerns.

To view a map of parking signs and locations in heavily trafficked parking areas, click on this link:

See below for a map of parking restrictions for the Logan downtown area:

Center and Main Downtown Map

Listed below are some of the parking restrictions for parking near the USU Campus: 

  • There is 3 hour limit on parking on 700 East from 400 North to 600 North. There is a 3 hour limit on parking on 800 East from 700 N to 1400 North, except for a stretch of metered parking near the university.
  • Due to safety concerns, parking will be prohibited on the corner of 1500 East and Hwy 89.
  • Please be aware of signs indicating residential parking restrictions near the USU campus. There are some locations that have 24-hour restrictions. See map below for those areas. 

Map near USU Campus of On-Street Restricted Residential Permit Parking Area 
USU Main Campus On-Street Parking Restrictions
Hillcrest On-Street Restricted Residential Parking Area
Parking Restrictions east of 1200 East 
Parking Restrictions below Old Main Hill

Winter Parking Restriction Reminder: 
Logan Municipal Code 10.52.170- No person shall park a vehicle on any street or city owned parking lot between the hours of twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight and six o'clock (6:00) A.M. of any day, beginning November 15 and ending March 15th of each year. (This is to allow for snow removal.)

For a complete list of local parking ordinances and laws, please click here