Service Dogs

 The Logan City Police Department has three "Police Service" dogs. The use of the K-9 minimizes the danger to the officers while performing tasks, searching buildings for burglar suspects, and apprehending fleeing suspects. The K-9s are trained for narcotics detection and have the ability to track a reported lost person as well. In addition to sniffing out suspects, the dogs are capable of detecting several types of illegal drugs that would otherwise be impossible to find.

Shogun the K9
  • Police service dogs are bred specifically for duty use by a professional trainer at a professional facility. Service dogs cost about $15,000 to $20,000 per dog plus handler training.
  • K-9 certification requires 6 weeks of intense training with the dogs.

Police service dogs provide an invaluable service not only to their human counterparts but also to the community at large.

K9 Demonstrations for Cub Scouts and Interested Citizens 2020

One of the requirements of the Cub Scout program is to meet with, and learn about, a service animal. We are receiving an increasing number of requests for small local groups who wish to have our K9s attend their meetings.

To be more efficient and not overwhelm our K9 Officers, we are scheduling set dates where those who wish can come and meet these requirements and see our K9 officers and their handlers in action.

We would invite any group, not just Scout groups, who wishes to attend any of the dates to RSVP to help us manage how many people attend at any one time. To do so contact Sgt. Darin Cook at his email address:

For additional information, contact the Patrol Division at (435) 716-9451.