Records Request

Reports $5.00 up to 25 pages, .20 thereafter, $23.00 per hr after first 1/4 hr
Accident Reports $10.00        
Pictures $1.00 per printed picture (up to 5 pictures)    
  $25.00 for a CD/flash drive      
9-1-1 Recordings $25.00 per CD/flash drive      
Sex Offender Registry $20.00        
Police/Vehicle for Security Services $70.00/hour      
Audio/Video files $25.00 for CD/flash drive      
Redaction Services* $23.00/hour for redaction services    
  *The City of Logan, after the first 1/4 hr of staff time may charge
  an hourly fee not to exceed $23.00/ hr in increments of 15 minutes. 
Finger Prints $12.00 per card      


Please read the following before submitting your request.

Your request for records will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) 63G-2-101 Utah Code Annotated. Your request will be processed as soon as reasonably possible, but may take up to 10 working days. Some records may contain information that is classified as 'protected' , 'private' or 'controlled' and may only be disclosed under certain circumstances. U.C.A. 63G-2-302, 303, 304.

A records clerk will call for payment after the  request has been processed.  


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Case #:  
Date of Incident:  
Location of Incident:  
Please describe what the record you are  
requesting is about, the reason for the
request and your involvement.