Applications, Permits, & Forms



Property Line Adjustment Application
Property Line Adjustments Sample Agreement
Minor Plat Amendment Application
Right of Way & Easement Dedication Application
Righ of Way & Easment Vacation Application
Property Line Adjustment Fee Schedule

Public Right of Way Dedication Agreement
Public Utility Easement
Utility Easement
Sewer Utility Easement
Water Utility Easement

Development Agreement Form
Subdivision Plat Template
Private Water & Sewer Agreement
Storm Water Management BMP Maintenance Agreement
SMP Operation and Maintenance Inspection Report
CMPO Cache Access Management Policy (CAMP)
Land Disturbance Permit Application
Land Disturbance Permit Handout
Floodplain Development Permit
Floodplain Permit "No Rise" Certificate

Allow 3-4 business days for permit approval once ALL required documentation is submitted
Right of Way Permit Process
Right of Way Permit Fee Flow Chart
Right of Way Permit Application Form 
Permit Approval Conditions
Right of Way Permit Information: Insurance Requirements

If making changes to the dimensions or configuration of an existing driveway, or adding a driveway to an existing home, obtain approval from the Community Development Department by submitting the following application to Senior Planner, Russ Holley, prior to submitting the Right of Way Permit Application.
Driveway Permit Application