Spring Cleanup


Effective Spring 2024

Logan City Crews will no longer be providing Spring Cleanup curbside green waste pickup. To keep up with the needs of our growing community, our public works crews will instead use this time to focus on performing needed maintenance on our city streets, sidewalks, waterways, and utilities.

DO NOT place any spring cleanup debris at your curbside this year, it will NOT be picked up. 

 The price for a curbside green can will be reduced to $4/month beginning April 1, 2024.  The curbside green cans will be picked up as usual by the Environmental Department.  If you would like to sign up for a curbside green can, call 435-716-9755 or visit the Logan City Environmental Department website.  Green cans are emptied weekly on your garbage day.

Green waste can also be taken to the green waste facility at the Logan Landfill.  There is signage directing you to the green waste section.

In place of the curbside spring cleanup, we will be picking up bulk green waste from the following designated locations beginning Monday, April 15th through Friday, April 26th.  Watch for dumpsters or designated dumping locations at these parks:  

Lundstrom Park (parking stalls on 1350 North)
Hyrum Gibbons Mt Logan Park parking lot
Merlin Olsen Park (east parking stalls)
Bridger Park


Acceptable material: 

Materials NOT accepted:

  • Grass
    •  Rocks
  • Leaves
    •  Dirt
  • Garden waste
    •  Tree root balls
  •  Clean hay & straw
    •  Sod
  •  Shrubs
    •  Other things that were not once alive
  •  Branches
    •  Invasive weeds (morning glory, dyers woad, etc.)
  • Non-invasive weeds
    •  Anything over 6 ft. in length or 12" in diameter


DO NOT place any green waste on the curbside. Green waste placed on the curbside will NOT be picked up and will be the responsibility of the resident to dispose of.

Thank you for helping to keep Logan City beautiful.