Urban Deer Management


Utilizing the general education science course, "Living with Wildlife," we are engaging Utah State University undergraduates from a variety of majors in a citizen science-based service project examining urban deer issues in Logan, UT. The primary objectives of this service-learning experience are to encourage a broader understanding of human-wildlife issues to which students can apply the scientific method in a real-world wildlife management scenario and to develop potential solutions for the community. By allowing students of differing majors to employ a broad spectrum of skills developed from their diverse disciplines, we seek to address a complex management issue from a variety of angles. Approaches will include assessing local deer activity using trail cameras and surveys and developing educational materials that address human behavior for distribution to the community and through school programs. By applying the knowledge and experience of local wildlife professionals and coordinating with the Logan mayor and City Council, we expect to provide useful material with which to inform management decisions for urban deer within the city. With over 100 student participants, we anticipate a dedication of 500 or more service hours toward this goal. This service-learning project will utilize citizen science as a tool for both enriching educational experiences and assisting the local community.
Deer Photo 1
Photo Credit: Alec Weinert, "Living with Wildlife" student

Deer Photo 2
Photo Credit: Alec Weinert, "Living with Wildlife" student